Sunday, January 27, 2013

give and take

So things have been good and bad lately. I'm slowly letting everything go, slowly adapting the life without them, tried to avoid from their kind of politics and stay away... but I hate myself that I'd still mind whatever that is happening now. I don't know what are they thinking ( and I didnt dare to confront or ask anymore ) but not replying my replies just suck big time, left me hanging there wondering what's going on again.

I guess that's how life is, I can't have the best from everything; family, friends, career, etc. It's the balance in life uh.

A quote I just read and I can so relate it to my situation somehow so here I'm going to share it..

'You have two hands.
Take with one and with the other you give.
That's the way life works out and that's the way to live.

What you get and what you give must balance up someday.
It's give a little, take a little all along the way.'

Peace out!

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